February 21, 2011

Madikeri : 2011, Feb 18 - 20

Spending our weekend at Madikeri was a last minute decision even though all arrangements of the travel was already done by our friends. Anyway we did our packing on Thursday night and early morning on friday, around 4:00 am we were on our way towards Madikeri.

We had our breakfast at Kamat hotel around 7 am and continued our journey towards kushalnagar. We even visited the Golden Temple in the Tibetian colony. After this there was no stopping in between, we headed straight towards Madikeri.We reached the Kabbinakaadu junction on Virajpet road and waited for our home-stay guide to pick us up from there. We had booked the home-stay called Honey valley which was about 3 kms from the junction. The route that led to the home-stay was very steep and only jeeps could be used on the terrain. There was a beautiful waterfall on the way as well.

The home-stay was managed by a Canadian named Jack even though it was owned by coorge couple named Suresh and Susheela. Jack was a lean guy, about 5.4 feet tall in his late 60s or late 70s and chain smoker. He had traveled a lot and finely managed to settle in India after his wife had passed away few years back. We spoke to him for quite sometime and it was obvious that he had good knowledge about Indian politics and current affairs.

We had our lunch and had settled down at around 5pm.We decided to take a walk around the homestay which was spread across 15-20 acers.It was a beautiful place with coffee plants and different kind of flowers.There were homes built here and there which looked nice and welcoming.There were a few camps set up on public demand.But the highlight of the place were 2 puppies which were adorable.One of which was fully black with white patches on its legs which made it look like as though the pup was wearing white shoes.The other one was brown. Both of them were too cute :).

Next day morning we left for Talakaveri which was about 35kms from our homestay.There is a temple there of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganapathi. It is special as it is considered the birth place of river Kaveri.Then on our way back we even visited the triveni sangama which is confluence of three rivers - Cauvery (bottom left) and Kannike (top left) with mythical river Sujyothi.The full moon and the chilly weather made it perfect to spend the night around the campfire.After a long day of travel and nice campfire we retired to our rooms at 11pm as we had more plans for the coming day.

Next day, we woke up early in the morning around 6 am as we had decided to go on a treck to Thadiyandamol. It was a few kms from our place and we took our car as far as we could.Then we started to walk.The route was steep but the weather made it easier to treck. We could see a lot of wild flowers and plants. There was no human habitation.There were small steams flowing here and there.It was getting late and sun had started to move up.we had to get back and so we could make it to the tip.We came back around 11am to the homestay.

Then it was back to Bangalore.But all the places we visited and all the people we met and fun we had, made this trip another memorable one...

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